Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chapters 8-10: The Outcasts

Chapter 8 starts off with quotes from "In Search of the Miraculous" and "Up the Black to Chalkytsik." Chapter 9's epigraph is of a letter written by Everett Reuss, followed by a quote from Mormon Country. In Chapter 10, there is a news report by the New York Times about the death of a hiker, which is McCandless.

A close-up map of the border of Arizona and Utah starts Chapter 9. his map shows the Colorado River, Grand Canyon, and the Navajo Indian Reservation.

The function of these chapters in the give examples of other people who had the same mindset as McCandless, and show how they all died a mysterious death that was almost always caused by ignorance.

I think Krakauer interrupted the story with Chapters 8 and 9 to give examples of other people who were very similar to McCandless and suffered the same fate. I think it was to compare each of those people and give some insight as to what all of those people felt, thought, and experienced.

I wasn't really surprised that McCandless left trails so that the authorities could find out who he was. The reason I wasn't surprised is because even though he was still angry at hi biological family, he knew his trip could be fatal and I think he wanted people like his sister, Westerberg, Jan Burres, and Ronald Franz to know if he passed.

I don't think names really have any significant meaning other than being a way to identify people. I think that people grow into a name during their life and it just becomes them. I don't know if my name 'fits' me, but I've grown into it. However, I don't really like my name because it's very common. But, I wouldn't change it simply because I've grown into it.

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